Handcrafted functional art

I just love the drive up to Mt Glorious where my mum Venus lives.  It’s just such a peaceful drive up the range and an escape from the usual busy day-to-day stuff. It’s our connection back to nature set within a lush rainforest only 50mins from the city of Brisbane.  This is where our main studio is located and where we gather and produce our works.  It is where we start and finish the process making ceramic dishes.  It really is a great joy working with our hands.  The process is tactful one divided into stages.  Starting with kneeding the clay, rolling, pressing our imprint, cutting molding and painting the underglaze.  Then baking, sanding each dish, final glazing and firing again is just a snippet of how the pieces come to form. Although it is a long and delicate process, the joy and satisfaction that this method brings is definitely worth the time in producing the final result.  We love creating with our hands.


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