The Journey Is About to be Shown!

We have finally made it!  One year on of development, testing, ideas, concepts, and dreams that my sister Ria, mum Venus and I have come together over this time with our creative minds.  We built on our passion for making objects with our hands in our homes for others.  From what started as making Christmas gifts for friends and family, became a year long love for creating unique ceramic pieces.  Our focus is to produce handmade ceramics that we create from scratch.  No mass production or factory rollouts just purely sitting down and hand forming and painting each piece one by one.  We have been focused on bringing to your home a little piece of functional art.  Art that you can use or art that can add a special touch of personality to your space.  There will be plenty more to come along the way as this is just the start of our journey for Leaf & Co!


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