leaf & co offers you a way to be immersed in the ambience of the natural world by adding a ‘touch of nature’ to your life-space through its unique range of creative homewares, produced by professional artists and designers.
Leaf & Co products are designed and crafted as individual art works.


 It is important for us at Leaf & Co –

To use only Australian sourced clay as well as natural minerals and oxides for our ceramic products.

To create a unique product to be placed in your home as a little treasure that engages with your individuality.

To take the time with each object to create quality and uniqueness.

portrait ria


Ria is a professional photographer who began her career through her training and experience in fashion and jewellery design. She has worked in London and Melbourne in photography and fashion. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and committed to quality and purity of production.

Ria says: “Look at a simple leaf and you will see the purity and perfection of nature – this is what I aspire to in all aspects of my photography and production”.



Cleo is an interior designer with two small boys and continues the family tradition of looking to nature for inspiration. She has worked in London and Dubai for international architects as a professional interior designer and was responsible for the interior design of leading London department stores.

Cleo believes: “A home needs the subtle touches of objects inspired by nature to create a refuge from our hectic lives – these touches of creativity embody the restorative power of nature”.

portrait Venus


Venus has spent her life as an artist, educator and in raising her six children. Her experience and understanding of how ‘a touch of nature’ through the things that surround you and your life-space has been the core of her art for thirty years and was part of her doctorate in art education.

Venus says: “I have seen how children and adolescents can grow towards balanced adulthood through a home that has the nurturing qualities of nature and creativity”.